Catholic Feast Days



St. Pius X Catholic Preparatory School

Catholic Feast Days 2016/17


Feast of the Archangels                 Thursday 29th September

All Saints Day                                   Tuesday 1st November

All Souls Day                                   Wednesday 2nd November

First Sunday of Advent                   Sunday 27th November

Immaculate Conception                Thursday 8th December

The Birth of Jesus                            Sunday 25th December



Epiphany                                           Sunday 8th January

Ash Wednesday                               Wednesday 1st March

Palm Sunday                                    Sunday 9th April

Holy Thursday                                  Thursday 13th April

Good Friday                                     Friday 14th April

Holy Saturday                                  Saturday 15th April

Easter Sunday                                  Sunday 16th April

Ascension of the Lord                    Sunday 28th May

Pentecost Sunday                           Sunday 4th June

Trinity Sunday                                  Sunday 11th June

Corpus Christi                                   Sunday 18th June

Sacred Heart of Jesus                     Friday 23rd June

St. Peter and St. Paul                      Thursday 29th June

St. Pius X Feast Day                        Monday 21st August